What Is The Biggest Outdoor Water Park In Pennsylvania?

Aerial view of Camelbeach Outdoor Waterpark

One of the best ways to spend a warm summer’s day is to head out to the water park for some swimming and splashing. Pennsylvania has quite a few parks, but what is the biggest outdoor water park in the state?

The biggest outdoor waterpark in Pennsylvania is Camelbeach Outdoor Waterpark, which is part of Camelback Resort. Camelbeach includes 38 exciting rides and waterslides, an interactive play area for small children and toddlers, and a 170,000-square-foot indoor gaming center. 

So is Camelbeach open when it rains? Can you bring your own food to Camelbeach? What kind of things are there to do at Camelbeach? Continue reading to learn more about this fabulous water park.

Beating the Heat at Camelbeach Outdoor Waterpark

Camelbeach Outdoor Water Park is a 30-acre aquatic playground located at the Camelback Resort in Tannersville, Pennsylvania, about an hour north of Allentown in the Poconos. The resort is conveniently located just off I-80, making it easy to get there.

Camelback Lodge

There are several parking options at the resort. If you’re staying overnight in the lodge, you will be charged $25 per night per vehicle as part of the check-in process. You may also opt for valet parking for a slightly higher fee. If you’re only parking for the day, general parking starts at $12 per vehicle, with options to upgrade to premium parking if you prefer. Passholders park for free.

Once you’re in the park, your next task will be to choose which of the 38 fantastic water rides you want to go on. The traditional tube slides, known as Sidewinder, Riptide, Twister, and Midnight Run, are an excellent first stop to whet your appetite.

Birdseye view of Camelbeach Outdoor Waterpark

From there, you can head to Titan. True to its name, Titan stands a whopping eight stories tall and is as long as three football fields. It is the largest waterslide of its kind in the world! Riders will course down a long series of winding tunnels and slides before splashing into a big pool. Titan’s eight-story height makes this ride a real rush.

If you prefer a more relaxed experience, head to the Blue Nile Adventure River. Visitors to the Adventure River lounge in a tube and enjoy a casual journey as they float slowly along the river. The tranquility is periodically interrupted by fun obstacles such as geysers, bubbling springs, and waterfalls that pour down over the river.

After a mellow ride down the lazy river, you’ll want to get pumped up again. The Kahuna Lagoon Wave Pool is a great place to catch some waves. The pool can generate waves that are up to six feet tall!

High Noon Typhoon water slide

After splashing in the wave pool, you should check out the High Noon Typhoon, a six-story tall funnel-type waterslide that offers guests a sensation of weightlessness as they soar over the treetops of the Pocono mountains. Whirling out of the tube and into the funnel is an experience you will never forget – this ride is sure to get your heart pounding.

Another excellent choice for the adrenaline junkie in you is the Spin Cycle. The Spin Cycle is a unique ride that incorporates a tube slide. Riders shoot down a tube and are ejected into a large conical bowl, where they spin around the sides towards a second tube like a ship caught in a whirlpool. Each trip down the Spin Cycle is different, so make sure you ride this one at least twice.

Pharaoh's Phortress at Camelbeach Water Park

If your family includes young children, you may wish to visit the Pharaoh’s Phortress for some age-appropriate fun. This enormous play structure includes eight kid-sized waterslides, a giant tipping bucket, spray guns, and fountains.

All of the water attractions at Camelbeach are equipped with heated water. So even on cloudy days or those unusually cool summer days, your family can still enjoy a great day at the water park without freezing.

What to Wear to Camelbeach

Camelbeach waterpark requires that guests wear properly fitting one or two-piece swimsuits. Thongs, cutoffs, and suits with excessive buckles or other metal accessories are not permitted. In addition, small children must use diaper covers while in any water attraction.

Mummy's Oasis children's water adventures

Camelbeach also recommends that people bring water shoes or flip-flops. If you bring sneakers, there are cubbies for shoe storage located throughout the park. If you need to store more items, the park offers lockers for rent. There are also changing rooms, showers, and bathrooms throughout the park.

Because Camelbeach is a family-friendly establishment, all apparel and visible tattoos must not depict offensive imagery or language.

Keystone Answers Fun Fact: During the winter months, Camelback Resort has some of the finest skiing in Pennsylvania.

What to Pack

To prepare for a fun day at Camelbeach, you should make sure to bring towels, appropriate footwear, sunscreen, and a bottle of water. Outside food and drink is prohibited, although there is a wide variety of high-quality food available for purchase in the resort. Also, consider bringing hats or sunglasses to protect you from the sun.

Camelbeach Cabanas

It’s nice to have a comfortable spot to relax in between rides. Guests at Camelbeach can choose to reserve cabanas to bump their experience at the park up to the next level. Cabanas are located at various attractions throughout the park and offer guests a convenient place to stash their things, sit and relax, and even enjoy personal food and beverage service.

A cabana provides a private retreat to relax and regroup in

The specific amenities of each cabana are slightly different, but they all include bottled water, a fruit basket, and access to concierge food and beverage services. Some cabanas even include lockers, loungers, fans, and mini fridges.

If you don’t want to rent a whole cabana, Camelbeach also offers guests the ability to rent VIP chairs. VIP chairs are located at the Kahuna Wave Pool and the VIP chairs observation deck. Guests may reserve pairs of two or four lounge chairs and are issued a lounge chair cover and a beach towel for the day.

Stay At Camelbeach

When you visit Camelbeach, you will have so much fun that you won’t want to leave. Fortunately, you can stay at the resort. Camelback Resort has a wide variety of lodging options available for guests who would like to extend their stay.

The finely appointed and modern amenities available at Camelback Resort range from one-bedroom suites that are perfect for a couple or a small family all the way up to entire condos and lofts that can sleep 8 to 14 guests.

Venus Slydetrap water slide

In addition to Camelbeach Outdoor Water Park, the resort also has an indoor waterpark known as Aquatopia. Adventurous types will want to explore the many mountaintop recreation options available at the resort, such as ziplining.

Does Camelbeach Close When It Rains?

Camelbeach does not close when it rains. In fact, rainy days are often excellent days to visit the waterpark because the lines are short. Since you’re getting wet anyway, a little drizzle shouldn’t spoil your fun.

The one exception is if there is lightning in the area. Unfortunately, lightning and water parks do not get along well, so if there is lightning in the vicinity, Camelbeach may have to suspend operations. However, if your day at the water park is ruined by lightning, Camelbeach does have a weather warranty program that allows guests to reactivate their ticket for another day later in the season.

Dune Runner Water Slide

Are Towels Provided at Camelbeach?

Towels are not provided at Camelbeach. Therefore, you will need to bring your own beach towels. The exception is VIP chair guests, who will be given a personal towel to use for the day.

Although you must bring your own towel, Camelbeach does provide plenty of lifejackets throughout the park. You may bring your own personal flotation device if you prefer, but it must be a US Coast Guard-approved device.

Can I Bring My Own Food to Camelbeach? 

Outside food and beverages are not allowed at Camelbeach. Guests are permitted to bring one 20-ounce bottle of water per person, but coolers, glass bottles, alcohol, and other outside food and drink are not allowed.

Order up some Italian favorites at Berrelli’s Italian Chophouse

That said, plenty of culinary options are available at the Camelback Resort. The resort property includes a pizza restaurant, a burger restaurant, a sugar shack for the kids, a barbecue restaurant, a breakfast place, a food truck, and many other delicious options. There is even a bar truck that serves adult beverages. So even the pickiest eater will certainly find something to enjoy at Camelbeach.

For people with special dietary requirements, the culinary team at Camelbeach can accommodate your nutritional needs. Simply talk to your server or chef, and the team will be happy to help.

Camelbeach Outdoor Water Park: A Great Place for Family Fun

Camelbeach Outdoor Waterpark is the largest outdoor waterpark in Pennsylvania. Guests at Camelbeach enjoy a delightful assortment of waterslides and other activities, plus easy access to the various restaurants and food amenities at the Camelback Resort.

Camelbeach’s location in the scenic Poconos makes the park a fun place for a weekend getaway. So whether you’re going for a day on the waterslides or a weekend at the resort, Camelbeach is definitely the premier outdoor waterpark in Pennsylvania.

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