Pittsburgh rivers

What Three Rivers Meet In Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh is a vibrant city steeped in history and culture, where natural beauty intertwines seamlessly with urban charm. Home to breathtaking architecture, rich historical landmarks, and undying love for the Steelers and Pirates, this city … Read more

PA crime rates

Crime Rates And Safety In Pennsylvania

Deciding on a location to put down roots involves many factors, and one of the most crucial is undoubtedly safety. The state of Pennsylvania, steeped in historical significance and teeming with vibrant communities, is a … Read more

PA living, city verses country

Pennsylvania Living: Urban vs. Rural

In the grand tapestry of Pennsylvania’s landscape, two distinct threads weave a story of diversity and choice: urban vs. rural living. As one travels through the Keystone State, they are greeted by the pulsating energy … Read more

Mountain laurel flowers

Pennsylvania Mountain Laurel – Is It Protected?

Nature possesses a remarkable ability to enthrall us with its stunning allure, and within Pennsylvania, a particular flower serves as an emblem of the state’s magnificent natural scenery—the mountain laurel (Kalmia latifolia). Designated as the … Read more

Overseeding lawn

Best Grass Seed For Overseeding In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania, known for its diverse climate and picturesque landscapes, can be a fantastic place for growing lush, green lawns. However, maintaining that perfect lawn requires some work, especially when it comes to overseeding. In this … Read more

lifeguard chairs on beach

Is Presque Isle Manmade?

Presque Isle, a beautiful peninsula on Lake Erie’s southern shore, draws millions of visitors each year. The name “Presque Isle” is derived from the French language, meaning “almost an island.” This geographical marvel raises a … Read more

Tents used by Civil War soldiers

Was Pennsylvania Union Or Confederate?

As one of the original thirteen colonies, Pennsylvania played a crucial role in the American Civil War. But when it came to choosing sides, where did this pivotal state stand? Was it with the Union … Read more

Allegheny, Monongahela, and Ohio rivers

What Are The 5 Major Rivers In Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania is full of natural beauty, with lush forests and rolling hills providing stunning views. But one feature stands out in particular: the rivers. These waterways are integral to life in The Keystone State, from … Read more

Old map of Northeast USA

Is Pennsylvania Part Of New England?

As an American, it’s easy to assume that we all know the geographical location of each state by heart. However, even the most seasoned American geography buffs can stumble when it comes to the question … Read more