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Keystone Answers is a resource that covers anything and everything related to living in or visiting the great state of Pennsylvania. We reside in the North Central Mountains just outside of Austin, Pennsylvania, and yes, that is where the Bayless Pulp & Paper Mill broke, resulting in the deaths of at least 78 people.

We live on a farm out in the country, nestled in a narrow valley surrounded by forested hills, which provides plenty of peace and quiet. The only things you hear are the babbling of the crick (yep, it’s crick, not creek), birds singing, and the chirping of hundreds of crickets on warm summer evenings.

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Pennsylvania is home to over 12.79 million people, and millions travel to this unique state yearly. We started this website to answer questions you may have about the people, destinations, and other interesting things about the state. So no matter whether you live here, are planning to relocate, or are a traveler on your first vacation to the Keystone State, this site will be a valuable resource for information.

The Keystone State is home to a wide variety of attractions, some famous and some not so much! You can spend time viewing the majestic elk in Benezette, hike the rugged paths of Ricketts Glen to view the many waterfalls, head to the ballpark to watch the Pirates play, or spend a lazy afternoon sailing on Lake Erie.

The state’s different regions are distinct, from the hustle and bustle of Pittsburgh to the remote wilderness of Potter County. The wildlife is diverse, and great food can be had, from a delicious Philly cheesesteak to whoopie pies; you’ll find it all in Pennsylvania.

If you enjoy being outdoors, the Keystone State is a perfect destination. You can enjoy hiking the miles of trails, fishing for trout in the cricks, camping, boating, golfing, swimming, ATVing, snowmobiling, or enjoy the afternoon picnicking with your family and friends.

Pennsylvania has a lot going on, and with the proper knowledge and helpful tips, you can fill your day with some of the most exciting adventures you have ever had.

Keystone Answers helps you discover things you might not have known, explore places of interest, and provides information to help you plan your next vacation or day trip. We hope that you find this site helpful and a valuable source of information as you begin or continue your PA adventures.

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